just a simple thought question …

song | the wind in the trees in front of my window
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is a slave a slave if he doesn’t know he’s enslaved?
and in what context does that put us, contemporary ppl of the 21st century … how we live nowadays?
which might lead in to the next question … when is a life a life … as in what we define a worthy one? at which point to draw the line … or not … or do we even live a worthy life … that mundane something from one day to another, sleep, work, eat, telly, sleep … and so on …?
or is only that life a worthy one thats defined by work? because we define ourselves by what we work, and that itself defines our worth? but for whom? ourselves? the person next to us? our family?
or do we just define who we are by the things we own … so a person that doesn’t even own a part of those things has no worth?


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