who’d ever have thought … something like that would ever happen?

song | blurbs from die 2
mood | laughing my arse off

yeah, it really looks like i’m kinda … bored … what a surprise. sitting here, wondering what to do tomorrow, being only more bored out of my mind by there mere thought of it … and stumbling over that while wandering around the web plainly aimless.

although that last paragraph made me laugh more … while the back of my head thought silently whispering ‘who knows’.

Ich prognostiziere: In 15 bis 20 Jahren werden Asiaten die dann vollständig aufgeschmissenen USA als Paradies für billigen Sextourismus und die Auslagerung von Hochlohnjobs schätzen.

children, pity the poor american …


although the question is, who pities us? the rest of the world, nowadays?


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