ow … life can be a little bit more than just a silent bitch

song | michoel pruzansky – your watching me
mood | just … sod it

as if it would be that easy to leech a torrent … sure … all i wanted was a plain dvd of the latest rls of ubuntu … and wot did i get? a piece of cropped shite. shutdown after 32,3% … even with trying different trackers. anyone able to tell me why?

something else that came into my mind during an conversation today … wot is it with ppl, in general mostly austrian politicians, that they have to run after every little bit that german once want to do or decide to ratify? do they have some serious issue of inferiority complexes, are they still suffering from the fact that they only have a small insignificant country, are they in serious need for a big brother to tell them what to do or wot to want, or are they just plainly said incapable to make their very own decisions? i mean … srsly


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